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We engineer longevity risk pooling solutions,
helping financial institutions
maximize their customers' lifetime retirement income


by Nuovalo

Nuovalo helps retirement providers integrate highly efficient longevity risk pooling into their retirement ecosystems. Our LifePool platform offers powerful and configurable lifetime income solutions that can be perfectly shaped to your product strategy, from design to implementation to ongoing administration.

Because our risk pooling technology is peer-to-peer, longevity risk is diversified directly among participants, without the need for costly risk transfers or risk reserves.  With LifePools, financial institutions can offer lifetime income solutions more transparently and at lower cost than with guaranteed annuities.


We are a global team of pension thought leaders, practitioners, and pioneers brought together by a shared belief: that low cost, transparent, actuarially fair longevity risk pooling is key to solving the challenges of tomorrow caused by today’s global pension shortfall.


A world...

in which people and employers have access to assured, fully funded lifetime pensions at low cost.

A world...

in which longevity risks are diversified passively & inexpensively.

A world...

with pensions that are truly sustainable forever.

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“As it turns out, everything we need to know about building a perfect retirement product we learned in kindergarten. Life is better when you share.” - Michael Finke

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