We help financial institutions unlock the underserved retirement market

Training, Research, Consulting, Design, and Implementation with the world’s foremost experts on longevity risk sharing and longevity-pooled investments.

Our services extend from training to cutting edge research, product design, and actuarial modeling. And we provide a modular SAAS platform so you can hit the ground running.

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Modern longevity risk sharing

Modern Tontines (or collective longevity risk-sharing pools or whatever one wishes to call them) provide better returns and can be designed flexibly with customizable payout options and individualized asset allocation. They are always fully funded (and thus truly sustainable) and have low capital requirements since they assure lifetime income without the use of third-party insurance, making them a limited-risk undertaking to the provider.

“As it turns out, everything we need to know about building a perfect retirement product we learned in kindergarten. Life is better when you share.” — Michael Finke

Modern Tontine Finance

Why choose Nuovalo?

At Nuovalo, we are passionate about solving retirement inefficiencies through Expertise, Innovation, and Technology

Innovators of longevity-pooled investments that provide lifetime income
Modern Fair Tontine design and implementation pioneering
Extensive pension and investment expertise with a global presence

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Learn about longevity risk-sharing and longevity-pooled investments

The tontine principle is perhaps one the most misunderstood concepts in all finance. Discover the ancient history and modern potential of tontine finance as applied to the global retirement challenge.

“If most of what you know about tontines came from a fictional novel, a film, a newspaper article, or an episode of The Simpsons, rest assured that you are not the only one. But this does not have to be the case… The fair tontine principle is more versatile than you might think.”
Tontines: A Practitioner’s Guide to Mortality-Pooled Investments


What if Financial Institutions could tap much deeper into the underserved retirement market ?

…and this solution included:

Low costs
Superior returns
Individualized payouts and asset allocation
High transparency
Lower capital requirements

…and was fully funded and forever sustainable ?

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