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Nuovalo Ltd. is a global company specializing in longevity risk pooling solutions founded by widely-recognized pioneers of modern longevity risk sharing

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Meet the Team 
Photo of Richard Fullmer

Richard Fullmer

Chief Executive Officer

Richard is an American investment strategist, pensions researcher, entrepreneur, and innovator. After beginning his career in insurance, he held senior portfolio strategy positions at Fidelity Investments, Russell Investments, and T. Rowe Price. A global authority and thought leader on pension design and portfolio decumulation, he founded Nuova Longevità Research in 2017 where he helped pioneer the field of modern fair tontine finance.

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Pascal Winter

Chief Actuary

Pascal is a French actuary with experience in Asia life insurance & pension markets, incl. India, China, Hong Kong, Korea, and Taiwan. He held senior positions in various entities and has extensive experience in actuarial technology and product development and has published about modern tontines in peer reviewed magazines.

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Photo of Pascal Winter
Photo of Manuel Garcia-Huitron

Manuel García-Huitrón

Chief Economist and Chief Operating Officer

Manuel is a Mexican economist specializing in the economics and finance of aging. He is passionate about translating best practices and research into viable innovative products. He has been involved in operational, consulting, or advisory work across the Americas, Asia, and Europe and has held senior positions in pension funds and multilateral organizations. He has published widely about pension reform, regulation, and the future of work. He is an ITAM | Yale | Tilburg graduate that advises global regulatory & pension reforms and sits at international pensions and aging platforms boards.

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Tyron Fouche

Strategic Advisor

Tyron is a South African actuary and entrepreneur. A digital innovator, he founded Nobuntu which is an award-winning Insurtech provider which offered lifetime longevity solutions to low-income populations in Africa. He serves as a Subject Matter Expert on the Oxford Said Executive Finance and Fintech courses.

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Photo of Tyron Fouche
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Michael Sabin

Actuarial Advisor

Michael Sabin is a giant of modern tontine research. His groundbreaking work includes major innovations in actuarially-fair tontine design and the mathematical methods to support it.


Strategic Advisor

Andy is a successful British entrepreneur with leading experience in financial services and PE. In 2006 Andy founded Life Trust, the first commercial longevity income pooling solution in the western world. He has worked extensively with the UK government and is a leading voice on the financial challenges facing consumers worldwide, like increasing longevity.

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