Training & Workshops

Dive into the possibilities of Modern Tontine Finance


Solutions Consulting

Designing just the right solution for your business



Flexible SaaS and B2B2C solutions


Training & Workshops

Dive into Modern Tontine Finance

Led by Richard Fullmer, Nuovalo’s team is pioneering Modern Tontine practical implementation research

We offer unbiased research and unbiased opinions with a carefully crafted blend of actuarial science and investment strategy. We can design trainings and workshops adapted to your needs with bespoke thought leadership material.

Solutions Consulting

Designing just the right solution for your business

We support financial services firms to assess various retirement income approaches, evaluate the pros and cons of Modern Tontine Finance relative to other approaches, and design workable and sustainable retirement solutions.

Our consulting team can engage with you on education, modeling outcomes, developing asset and product allocation strategies, and designing just the right solution for your business.

Modern-Tontines-in-a-Box Solution

Flexible SaaS and B2B2C solutions

From Front-end to Back-end, Nuovalo’s technology supports pre-onboarding, onboarding, and management of modern longevity risk-sharing solutions with a dedicated SaaS infrastructure.

The front-end SaaS system includes pre-onboarding decision tools (including payout projections), seamless onboarding, dedicated account management, and key information disclosure modules.

The back-end SaaS system includes calculating, executing, recording, and reporting of all tontine-related transactions such as new subscriptions, asset allocation modifications, longevity credit reallocations, survival status checks, and benefits payments.

What if Financial Institutions could tap much deeper into the underserved retirement market ?

…and this solution included:

Low costs
Superior returns
Individualized payouts and asset allocation
High transparency
Lower capital requirements

…and was fully funded and forever sustainable ?

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