Retirement Portfolio Decumulation: 'The nastiest, hardest problem in finance' - Bill Sharpe

Indeed, this may well be true… at least for those who try to manage longevity risk on their own. But by pooling their risk with others, people can greatly diversify and reduce this risk. In fact, risk pooling is so effective that it can facilitate the virtual assurance of lifetime income for everyone. Not only that, but it also allows individuals to achieve significantly higher levels of retirement income.

Portfolio Decumulation

Fully funded lifetime income at low cost

Our vision is a world in which individuals and their employers can save into assured, flexible, and efficient retirement schemes.

Modern Tontines

Serving and Enabling the Retirement Industry

Through our design and technology platform, we partner with pension plan sponsors and financial services firms to enable the efficient development and delivery of longevity risk-pooled retirement income products.



With modern tontines: Asset managers can finally offer assured lifetime income solutions, Insurers can offer lifetime income with significantly reduced capital requirements, Pension plans can offer lifetime income with greater flexibility and transparency, and Advisors gain access to a lifetime income solution that allows them to continue advising on the underlying assets.


Why choose Nuovalo?

We are pioneers of fair tontine design and experts at crafting bespoke solutions for our clients. We are building a world-class technology platform that will allow financial services firms to deliver innovative new solutions to their clients.