Assured Lifetime Income with Higher Yields through Risk Pooling

Longevity Protection

The principle of Modern Tontine Finance solves the retirement challenge by pooling longevity risk.

By design, modern longevity risk pooling allows flexible contributions, personalized benefit options (for example, lifetime or term-specific, immediate or deferred), optional joint-ownership, and the possibility of a bequest.

It is suitable for both pre-retirement saving (accumulation) and post-retirement income (decumulation).

Superior Returns

With individualized fully funded schemes, asset allocation can be personalized to fit each investor’s needs, investment preferences, and financial fluency.

By combining traditional asset returns with longevity credits that are uncorrelated to those returns, the principle of Modern Tontine Finance represents a powerful tool within the retirement ecosystem.

With streamlined administration fees and no guarantee charges, the net return is unbeatable.

Efficient P2P Pooling

Modern Tontine Finance offers low capital requirements and a low administrative burden, allowing financial institutions to offer lifetime income at low cost.

Nuovalo’s actuarial techniques ensure the fair distribution of lifetime income. Our designs are transparent, sustainable and always fully funded.

Since the collective pooling of longevity is self-insured, there are no guarantee fees for the members and no guarantee-related liability for the provider.

Retirement Portfolio Decumulation: “The nastiest, hardest problem in finance” — William Sharpe

“If you survive your pension savings, you will be poor!
If your savings survive you, that’s equally inefficient.” — Jose Herce

Indeed ! And low interest rates with increased longevity won’t help.
This is the motivation behind our mission to address the retirement crisis with efficient, practical solutions.

A Modular and Flexible Design

Flexible contributions
Highly customizable benefit and payout options
Heterogeneous membership pools
Perpetual (open-end) pools or fixed-membership (closed-end) pools
Individualized asset allocation
Single & joint life ownership
Possibility of bequest

What if Financial Institutions could tap much deeper into the underserved retirement market ?

…and this solution included:

Low costs
Superior returns
Individualized payouts and asset allocation
High transparency
Lower capital requirements

…and was fully funded and forever sustainable ?

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