About Nuovalo

Nuovalo Ltd. is a fintech/insurtech company specializing in sustainable retirement pension solutions through longevity-risk sharing, as with tontines and collective defined contribution (CDC) schemes.

We are a sister company to Nuova Longevità Research, a leading pioneer of modern tontine research and design.

Indeed, research is in our DNA… and in case you didn’t notice, Nuovalo is short for Nuova Longevità. We like the name, which means New Longevity in Italian, because it embraces our spirit of bringing new and innovative solutions to the lifetime income challenge.

Solutions Platform

Nuovalo Tontine Solutions is a global solutions provider of longevity risk-sharing design and technology services. Our solutions provide the assurance of pension-like lifetime income more efficiently than existing solutions by eliminating the high costs associated with guarantees and risk transfer. We don’t simply offer a product, we offer a flexible solutions platform that enables asset managers, insurers, and pension plans to design a customized set of retirement portfolio accumulation and decumulation solutions of their own.

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